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In the 19th century Phirangipuram was one of the most beautiful villages in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Known for its green carpet of fields, this village was privileged to be the birthplace of a simple woman who became a historical figure. God had blessed this village so abundantly that a sack of paddy was sold for nine thulas of gold. Canals and rivers made the land fertile and painted the village green. To the north of the village was the market where people gathered every week.

Contemplary Vision

Her son Peter and his family were not surprised at all, when Gnanamma said she wanted to leave Madras and live in a village called Eraiyur, about 25 k.m. away from Chennai.


Passion for Mission

It was a week filled with joy and cheer for the whole village of Kilacheri. The week ended with a grand celebration of the annual feast of the parish church. Gnanamma .



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